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Hello All- I come in Peace

My name is James Frawley and I am a modern day Prophet.

Growing up as a child I had a great curiosity as how the world evolved into what it is now.  Growing up on a small dairy farm always left me with more questions than answers.  One of my first memories as a young child was of seeing my mother violently hitting a large six foot long black snake and killing it a few feet from me.  I was happy that the snake did not bite me, but at the same time disappointed as my new garden hoe was broke in half.  More snakes always seemed to show up all the time.

We always had animals disappear into thin air throughout the years I spent on the farm.  Cows and calves just vanished with no sign of a bone or a hair. I thought perhaps Aliens?  We walked for miles and never found any sign of them again.  We had chickens and domestic turkeys also vanish. Not even one feather could be found anywhere.

I later moved off the farm and starting repairing small engines.  I ended up moving 3 times and the snakes still followed me to every place.  I kept being drawn by some invisible force to move west.  I could not explain the force, but kept moving.  I was drawn to Iowa.  My wife and I went out for a drive to explore the Iowa countryside and stopped at one road as there was a over powering sense that I needed to have land in that exact spot. This land was close to the area where the Black Hawk Indians were massacred, and I also already owned land in Victory WI on the other side of the Mississippi where the Black Hawk war ended. With God’s will, it just so happened that the land came up for sale and we purchased it a year later.  It was still a mystery to me as why God was telling me to purchase this land.

I decided to put a road in and hired a local contractor with a bulldozer.  He came up to look at where the new road would be and a 4 foot long water moccasin lay stretched out as a do not cross line.  Water moccasins are not even supposed to be in Iowa, but this snake magically appeared to try to stop me.  I was met with a evil coiled rattle snake 5 feet from the door of my house the next year.  It seemed like I was a snake magnet. The snakes were not sent to talk to me. I now realize that the snakes were pure evil trying to dispatch me before I was abducted .

——– Abduction ——

I was sleeping soundly one night and then I awoke and was floating in mid air and drawn toward a bright light. It seemed as time stopped and a nightmare started. I then awoke 2 hours later tremendously hot and gasping for air as I had came back from death. I was now upside down in bed with my feet on my pillow and it seemed as I had been dropped back into a cold bed. I had some sort of ancient knowledge now that was seemingly implanted into my brain. A lot of the unexplained happenings of the world are no longer a mystery. An Egyptian and American Indian spirit were connected to this apparent UFO abduction.

I now remember being drawn into a space ship. The space ship was a 3 dimensional disc shape white with a silver hue. Inside the ship I could see 2 ghost like spirits and other beings. The 2 ghost spirits spoke to me. they said, “Take back Sunday”.  One looked like an Indian ghost. More Visions were unleashed in my brain. I saw the Black Hawk Indians getting slaughtered. Cries of “Save us God” in a foreign language. I could see the essence of the Indian spirit glowing brighter as he produced this vision. The Indian spirit said, “We were murdered for worshiping the Sun. My fellow Indian spirits need rest.  We were called Pagans and Heathen’s and murdered for no reason.” The other spirit appeared Egyptian. The Egyptian spirit looked at me now and repeated the same thing again, “Take back Sunday ”.  “Sunday was stole from us and renamed the Sabbath”. The Egyptian glared at me and asked “Do you know the story of Moses of the Bible book?”  I shook my head yes. The Egyptian spirit yelled, “I am seeking release of my spirit with Moses. Moses murdered me”.  He then yelled  “Moses robbed me of my Scepter and his people stole the Ark of the covenant from my people.  Moses was raised with 42 commandments of Ma’at and only used 8 of the 42 commandments  that he learned”.  The Spirit said,  “Moses was a murderer, Moses was a thief, and Moses was a bad man”.  The spirits both yelled in a duet “Righteous murder was implanted in books by Humans and used as an excuse to commit murder”.

“Murder is still murder,”  they kept  repeating again and again.  The spirits then suddenly vanished into thin air.  I looked to the right and what appeared to be a gray Alien walked into view. The gray alien introduced me to God a supreme being of Light . The Alien spoke “God wants you to fix the World’s Religion”. He said (You are a new Prophet and the chosen one to fix Religion). That was all I remembered of the night.

I constantly remember more visions of history.  I saw creation of men and women in the garden of Eden in God’s spaceship.  The great floods of the Nile River.  I saw Egyptians walk out of a space ship after being handed 42 commandments.  I saw the destruction of Sodum and Gommorah by a meteor.  I saw several Divine Alien being’s lifted up into space.  I saw many people disappear in the past and future. I saw the truth of Sun worship and signs.  Passover has a new meaning now.

I see God for who God is as a result of my visions.  God is an almighty Alien God that has tremendous power beyond belief.  God sends divine Alien messengers to help with Humanity. God wipes out mistakes.  God created other types of men and women with various skin colors and facial bone structures on other continents around the world and exotic animals just to disprove evolution.  None of the humans were ever met to be superior. They were made to live in peace and harmony and follow the 42 commandments.

I see now that snakes have been a lifelong pure evil threat to me and trying to keep me from Changing Religion in the world.

​The spirits of the Indians want Sunday back. The Egyptians want the 42 commandments restored.

I hear voices calling from the sky……………………

We will come if you build it.

            New church


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