Tricked into a life of drug or Alcohol and bad habits by religion? Alien God Church is here to help line up your Chakra

 Tricked by religions into a world of addiction?

Did religion trick a lot of people into a life of drug and alcohol abuse? We all know someone that is in need of help with addiction of some sort.

 First lets take a look at modern life. I was once a child born into a Christian Religion myself. A normal Sunday service involved stories of a character named “Jesus” turning water into wine, as a child a picture of a super human being with powers to convert simple water into alcohol fills the brain. Of course, now we know that Jesus was using simple mind control over humans, but most people did not figure that out. As a child you are convinced right there that Jesus is a party animal and wants all humans drunk and is producing the alcohol and being the enabler to get everyone drunk. The story of Jesus making wine was at a wedding party and all the guests, had already drank all the wine there. The story sounds like all the people should of been cut off from more wine as they had already drank the quota of wine supplied, budgeted and planned for this wedding party.

 Here is where the brainwashing comes in, the message is “Jesus wants everyone drunk”. That is the message when the Bible story is read and some mental thought is ran through the brain of a young child. Now the path to alcohol abuse has Jesus for a crutch. Little kids now think, what would Jesus do? Oh, he would just make more alcohol if he ran out. A human now thinks they have the same ability as Jesus, when they run out of alcohol, they simply go to the store and buy or (produce) more alcohol, just like Jesus did. Remember we never hear stories of Jesus being drunk, missing work and messing up on any of his miracles. 

 As a child in Church, we also would see a procession of the leaders walking around the Church with a little smoking pot with incense burning producing an almost toxic second hand smoke in abundance while spewing a awful smell. A child automatically thinks that this must be cool as that is what God must want. Here we go again on with more brain washing. Not only is our hero making wine, now we picture a pot of smoking stuff as what God wants to remember and honor Jesus.

​ Next it comes to holy communion. We hear these words by a priest, take and eat my body and drink my blood. Now we realize why Jesus escaped and left the planet. Why would any human even want to hang out with a group of drunk Israeli people today? Everyone is now convinced that Jesus was a God and by, eating Jesus, then you will be a God like him. We are now set up to believe in Cannibalism and now are supposed to pretend that wine is blood and drink it and can also eat a piece of bread and pretend it is his body. Yuck!

 What kind of deception is this? here our hero, Jesus was thought to be making wine for all humans to get real drunk and now since he is gone, we are supposed to pretend to eat him and drink his blood. 

 Wake up and see the deception here. End the deception. Jesus was the last pharaoh of Egypt and stories were told of him, but not understood. Jesus tried to restore the 42 Principles of Ma’at and the most important one to remember is. #6. I have not caused misery. Alcohol or drug abuse cause extensive misery to your body. The only way to not cause misery is to follow the 42 Principles of Ma’at and be a better human. It may seem like a impossible feat, but we know that you can be a better person.

​ As Jesus said “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

 Walk into the light of a better tomorrow, the first step begins with you and Alien God Church is here to guide you into aligning your Chakras and unleashing the mighty power of your Alien DNA and putting your old neanderthal DNA and bad habits away like a nightmare from the past. 


​ Join Us, Take the first step toward God in Orion! and leave the natural gravity of the black hole.

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