New 3/18/2018 Sunday world wide web worship service worldwide pray to God with best future Religion with powerful prayer Alien God Church sermon on angels or aliens

Alien God Church presents Sunday worship service today’s new world wide web service features powerful alien protection prayer with a sermon on Andromedans or angels or Extraterrestrial Aliens from Andromeda galaxy with creation ability and shape shifting powers and Canadian geese filmed in HD visiting Iowa on their migration north with relaxing songs to God

New correct book of Genesis alien creation of animals and birds dinosaurs sea life humans by Andromedans alien beings by magic orb extraterrestrial Alien God Church futuristic religion worship service

 Today we read the new book of Creation in alien belief. God is the creator but God passes down the job from Andromedans energy type Orb beings and now the job is in the hands of the created beings.


 We want to expand the Sunday service with abduction stories and of course magic tricks, as the Ancient Egyptians used magic every day. If you have any ideas on how to make the service better, comment on the post and I will see if I can do it. I am still in the learning stage on video, it will be easier when the new Church is built. If you want to help and have your video on, abduction, or if you want to do a short sermon,message or anything pertaining to uplifting experience, just put up a high definition youtube video and give us permission to use it, in whole or part.

May you follow the 42 principles of Ma’at and blossom like a flower in the light, God bless you and Protect us all!

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